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Upcoming Adventure Game Releases

Showing upcoming adventure game releases ordered by date and in any territory. If you're looking for recently released games, check out the recently released adventure games page.

Want to discover (new) adventure games you didn't know existed? Be sure to try our discover feature, or browse through our games database!



Kong Orange / Kong Orange

Vokabulantis  2024

Karla and Kurt are stuck at the intersection trying to hold hands for the first time. Now nervously realizing what they are about to do. When they want to speak to remedy the awkwardness, their mouths come off and they are catapulted into Vokabulantis. Lost in the world of language,...

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Miguel H. Death / Miguel H. Death
Linux, Mac, PC

The House of Light  2025

The House of Light is the fifth chapter of a five part series of story-driven indie games named Nocturnal Visitors. They narrate the events that both precede and follow the arrival of Jamie, a sixteen year old boy who one night is transported to Aliorbis, a mysterious alternative version of...

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