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Below you'll find an overview of Adventure Games that have received a very high rating based on our reviews, the list is sorted based on highest rated Adventure Game first combined with recency of the review we've done.

Bulb Boy  (2015)

The Bulb Boy’s brief but brilliant battle to reclaim his home from the hideous monsters of the night underscores the proverbial victory of light over darkness, and quality over quantity.

The Black Watchmen: Season 1  (2015)

If you’re already a fan of The Black Watchmen’s research-heavy, reality-bending puzzles and gameplay, you’ll love what you find in this budget-priced, bite-size installment of the Alternate Reality Gaming occult thriller. But those still sitting on the fence won’t discover what all the fuss is about without buying into the full first-season experience.

Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion  (2000)

Though showing its age more than a decade after release, Message in a Haunted Mansion remains a classic for Nancy Drew lovers or anyone who enjoys puzzle games and doesn’t mind getting a little spooked.

SOMA  (2015)

SOMA is both great horror and great science fiction that stands above the competition in a crowded genre.

STASIS  (2015)

STASIS is a memorable slice of sci-fi horror, making up for its somewhat derivative plot with detailed worldbuilding, stellar graphics and immersive sound.

Anna’s Quest  (2015)

Anna’s Quest is an enchanting mélange of superb production quality, engaging gameplay, and a poignant saga of heart and heartbreak that will linger with you long after the adventure is over.

Broken Age  (2015)

With Broken Age’s release the Double Fine Adventure comes to an end, and the result is a standout game that delivers on its promises. Play it.

Hadean Lands  (2014)

Andrew Plotkin’s Hadean Lands is an ambitious, text adventure puzzlefest that does nearly everything right.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers – 20th Anniversary Edition  (2014)

Now with crisp, modern-day graphics and sound, the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers remake is a provocative story experience whose aim is to challenge, enlighten, horrify and enthrall. And it succeeds, apart from a few questionable gameplay decisions and a lack of final polish.

realMyst  (2000)

realMyst’s Masterpiece Edition offers spectacular enhancements to an already iconic adventure game – even the Myst naysayers should be pleasantly surprised by the new visuals and interface revisions.

Kentucky Route Zero: Act III  (2014)

Kentucky Route Zero’s excellent third act is no less weird than its predecessors, but hints at something unexpected: a coherent narrative.

The Blackwell Epiphany  (2014)

The Blackwell Epiphany is very polished and at times packs a real emotional punch, sending the series out on a high.

FRACT OSC  (2014)

An incredibly stylish, wondrously original vision wrapped in a neon-colored synthesizer from the future, FRACT OSC offers a surreal musical landscape that is only best described as interactive art.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy  (2013)

With his sixth globetrotting escapade, Professor Layton secures an enduring gaming legacy, with just a few little bumps on the way.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode One - Faith  (2013)

Hats off to Telltale for not resting on their laurels with The Wolf Among Us, but stepping out and creating a new adventure series that is shaping up to be brilliantly bleak and gritty but joyously fun.

Lost Echo  (2013)

A richly defined, innovative experience, Lost Echo is exactly what an iOS adventure should be, capturing the spirit of traditional adventure gaming with all the potential the platform has to offer.

Gone Home  (2013)

Gone Home does only one thing but does it superbly, telling a touching story solely through exploration that makes it well worth experiencing.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons  (2013)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an exquisitely told story set in a world overflowing with personality. It’s an immersive, emotional gem that’s not to be missed.

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