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Best rated Adventure Games page 212

Below you'll find an overview of Adventure Games that have received a very high rating based on our reviews, the list is sorted based on highest rated Adventure Game first combined with recency of the review we've done. Be sure to also check-out our Top 100 Adventure Games of all time, as well as the winners of the Adventure Game Awards (Aggies) that we hold on a yearly cadence.

Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun  (2007)

Proof that a pretty game doesn’t necessarily make for an enjoyable adventure, this one is going to be for Agatha Christie fans only -- and even then only with reservations.

Anacapri: The Dream  (2007)

The game's allure rests almost completely in the amount of exploration available, and lovely though the scenery is, it is not enough to overcome the unpolished nature of so many other elements. And with the length of the game, players will have plenty of time to ponder this fact.

Scavenger Hunter  (0)

Scavenger Hunter is certainly novel, but it just isn't fun enough to make most players want to take advantage of the much-vaunted replayability.

Sterling’s Gift  (2007)

It's certainly not a deep, ambitious gaming experience, but if you like history, enjoy exploring old houses, and don't mind a short game, Sterling's Gift may be what you are looking for on a lazy afternoon.

The Dagger Of Amon Ra  (1992)

The Dagger of Amon Ra focuses its unforgiving gameplay on its weakest element: its lazily-designed plot. Its many qualities in other areas certainly deserved better.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent  (2005)

If the numerous technical problems are fixed, this is definitely a game that would-be detectives will want to pick up. Until then, most players will want to take a pass.

Eye of the Kraken  (2002)

Eye of the Kraken will be enjoyed most by people with a literary background, or those with a penchant for quirky puzzles. The game's freeware download status and relatively short length make it well worth a try.

Delaware St. John Volume 1: The Curse of Midnight Manor  (2005)

A series with potential that's just not starting out on the right foot. I'm holding my breath for the next installment.

Ringworld: Revenge of the Patriarch  (1992)

Ringworld does a satisfactory job of bringing Larry Niven's universe to life, but fails to distinguish itself as a game.

CSI: Miami  (2004)

Mediocre offering for a series that deserves better. The poorly designed game logic, lackluster characters and frustrating pixel hunts are flaws that can’t be ignored. Only dedicated fans of the Miami-based show might find this title worth the price of admission.

Legacy: Dark Shadows  (2004)

Legacy: Dark Shadows is very much a low-budget game that strives to be like The Longest Journey. There's nothing inherently wrong with this, and in spite of being relatively easy, Legacy is also oddly endearing. But the game does have quite a few flaws, and people who buy it expecting the next TLJ are going to be disappointed.

Crystal Key 2: The Far Realm  (2004)

This game has some allure, but there are more remarkable games available.

CSI: Dark Motives  (2004)

A good translation of the television show, recommended for hardcore fans. Only recommended for others if you like your detective games with a heavy dose of hotspot hunting.

A Quiet Weekend in Capri  (2004)

An incredible success in virtual tourism -- truly brings the island of Capri to life, allowing the user to wander a real-life location at will. Far less successful as a coherent, playable game.

Santa Fe Mysteries: The Elk Moon Murder  (1998)

An average detective adventure that adopts a realistic approach to solving a homicide case, but which is let down by design faults.

Uru: Ages Beyond Myst  (2003)

Generally overpriced for the offline game, especially considering there's no actual game in the online "game."

Mysterious Journey II: Chameleon  (2003)

A good game that succeeds in many elements other games don’t, but the game's largely inconsequential puzzles don’t add much to the narrative.

Normality  (1996)

Tastes great, less filling.

Torin’s Passage  (1995)

A promising fairy tale that just never breaks through the wall of mediocrity.

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