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Recommendations from the Adventure Gamers staff

Playing games in boring old 2D is so yesterday! At least, that’s what Nintendo believes, as their latest handheld iteration is a bold new move to stereoscopic 3D. Adventure games have been slow in arriving on the new platform, but much like its predecessor, look for the library of 3DS titles to expand quickly once the technology takes off. (Note that unlike the DS, Nintendo 3DS games are region-restricted.)

Top Adventure Game Picks - Nintendo 3DS

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies

One of the best of the games in the series, Dual Destinies takes a while to build back up from its explosive beginning, but it’s more of the same fun characters, stories, and gameplay fans have come to expect.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Whilst not performing any great new feats, The Miracle Mask is a solid first 3DS addition to the Layton franchise.

Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights

Nothing says “adventure” like stealth sequences and monster taming… Wait, what? Okay, besides being in 3D, Doctor Lautrec has one major difference from the purely cerebral Professor Layton: he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. This game blends lite strategy/RPG into a more traditional mix of puzzles and cinematic storytelling for a fairly fun and interesting blend of gameplay elements.

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