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Review of Myst IV: Revelation by My Dune

Stars - 45

Rating by My Dune posted on Sep 18, 2018 | edit | delete

Even after 14 years

Even after 14 years this game still looks great and is definitely one of the best adventure game I have ever played. In the meantime I have played quite a lot ...... really a lot!.

I must also say that this has been the hardest game I have ever played. I managed to solve the game WITHOUT a walkthrough, but it has taken me quite a while. Over 8 months and I would not know how many hours I spent on this, but I think more than 120 hours all together. There were a few puzzles where I have been stuck for a long time and went back every now and then to see if I have forgotten something or suddenly see something differently.

Nevertheless, it was all very worthwhile and now it is time to start the next part ...... wish me luck!

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Time Played: Over 20 hours
Difficulty: Very Hard

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