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Review of AER: Memories of Old by thorn969

Stars - 30

Rating by thorn969 posted on Sep 6, 2018 | edit | delete

Simple exploration platformer with a pleasant story

As the reviewer points out, there is a bit of platforming. I found the platforming to be quite light, although the controls aren’t great. The flight mechanic is very nice when you’re soaring, but also doesn’t control that tightly. It’s a shame the flight mechanic doesn’t get used more.

I found the walking animation quite stilted and the story, while pleasant, is a bit generic and predictable. Everything felt to me like it could use a bit more polish. The puzzles did get a bit repetitive, although I thought, especially in the first part, they were challenging without being frustrating. Once you got the hang of them, they became simple obstacles.

I thought it was a pleasant diversion for a few hours and might be something nice to do with a child.

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Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

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