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Review of AlternativA by CaptainD

Stars - 25

Rating by CaptainD posted on Jan 26, 2018 | edit | delete

Great atmosphere, but gameplay is lacking

I really, really wanted to like this game.  The atmospheric portrayal of a bleak dystopian future almost rivals that of Westwood’s “Bladerunner”.  Sadly that’s where the comparisons to an all-time great end.

The visuals are very nice, moody music, decent voice acting. The interface does its job and is suitably cyberpunky in design. Most of the early puzzles are logical enough.  Just as it starts to get interesting, the puzzles get obscure and you end up travelling between locations again and again, wondering what you might have missed.  (Yes I know, this is a problem that blights even classic AGs at times, but it’s particularly bad here.)  It just feels like there is almost never enough to actually DO in these gorgeously presented locations.

Eventually it ends up as a case of style over substance.  I got quite a way into the game but never completed it in the end, even with hints the time taken to travel the locations felt way too long, and at one point it appeared that the problem might be a bug not something I’d done wrong (can’t 100% confirm that).  It felt like this could be something really special after the first half hour of playing, but sadly never lived up to that.


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Time Played: 2-5 hours

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