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Review of Alone With You by Overmann.ita

Stars - 40

Rating by Overmann.ita posted on Dec 11, 2017 | edit | delete

What a narrative game should be

A surprising game that executes great into the field of “narrative experiences”. Very few and simple puzzles, almost all the value is in the script: you start alone, with an AI that asks you to explore around different sites to gather information about what happened to the crew and to get some objects needed for building a ship that can save your life.

A great amount of locations and characters, with four recurring characters that you will learn to care about. The game starts small, maybe even a little boring, but grows steadily until an epic finale where you will feel deeply touched by what you experienced, seen, heard, read, chosen.

A mediocre technical level (no voice acting, so-and-so music score, pixellated graphics) and some minor narrative letdowns (too many characters, at times the story is hard to follow, very slow start) do not prevent this game to be a little piece of art that may reach for your heart.

Any “introspective sci-fi” enthusiast with the patience to reach the moving ending of the game will not be disappointed.

If you’re looking for challenges, state of the art graphics and a funny experience, though, you’ll find this a boring indie experiment.

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Time Played: 5-10 hours

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