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Review of The Bunker by Relic

Stars - 25

Rating by Relic posted on Nov 27, 2017 | edit | delete

Adventures of a post apocalytic shut-in

Well I didn’t actually finish this one. The last mouse mashing event was too quick for mouse skills and after having to repeat the previous 3-4 minutes to get to it again 4 times I realised I could be playing an actual adventure game and not a spliced television movie with several timed-sequences and mouse mashing events towards the end.
Most of the time it is extremely linear, your avatar is a 30 year man brought up in ignorance by his mother after an incident in a fallout bunker. The reasons for which become very obvious towards the end. Your daily routine is all you have and makes game flow very easy for the developers. Most of the time you are asleep at the wheel only to be surprised by a mousing mashing/clicking event in what appeared to be one long extended cutscene. note events in flashbacks are more flexible than the present for the bulk of the game. Other times the video is looping as you look for the only hotspot on the screen.
All in all a good watchable movie length movie with a few scratches on the DVD causing scene repeats, not really a game.

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Time Played: 2-5 hours

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