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Review of Désiré by thorn969

Stars - 25

Rating by thorn969 posted on May 15, 2017 | edit | delete

Not bad as an adventure game...

Yes… this game… seems primarily to exist as a delivery vehicle for social commentary that seems to frequently miss the mark and be generally somewhat incoherent. There is a lot of text that says little in many words.

However, as an adventure game, it is generally pretty good. The puzzles tend toward the relatively logical and well-integrated into the world… there are some conversation puzzles that take either esoteric knowledge, outside research, or guessing and checking… there is a quicktime battle, timing punches and guards similar to that found in Sam & Max, but more difficult. And there is a frequent problem with difficulty finding hotspots… and also, hotspots will sometimes do nothing and other times do something… a lot of hotspots have to be clicked twice before there is an appropriate interaction. Sometimes one hotspot won’t work until you hit a different hotspot. Several items can only be combined at a certain place and time. These rules at least are generally logical.

The artwork is quite nice and the images pretty and the concept of the boy that sees in black and white is interesting… but the gameplay tends to be relatively simple and straightforward once you get past the problems and the focus is on the conversations and story which is difficult to follow with a repugnant philosophy that isn’t even all that well supported by the demonstrations in the game.

It is available for free on Android, iTunes, or the publisher’s website.

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Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Easy

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