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Stars - 25

Rating by tsa posted on Dec 8, 2015 | edit | delete

Nice to be back, but has some flaws

I agree with most, if not all of what Katie writes in her review, but I must add that, while it was great to be back in Saxton and see and hear some of the familiar people there, I was quite annoyed by the fact that many of the dialogue options stayed the same throughout the game. This means that for instance even after you’ve told people about the ghost, the dialogue option with which you mention that there may be something going on can still be used, and the character you talk to still acts as if this is completely new information throughout the game. Nanny Noah also keeps telling Nigel that he looks like he’s seen a ghost, although he has told her about it more than once. This, combined with some other bugs, gives the feeling the game was slapped together rather quickly and was not beta tested. Having played all Boakes’ other games, which are all consistent and mostly bug free, this was a big disappointment for me, especially since we have waited so long for something new from Boakes. Let’s hope Blackenrock has the quality we are used to from him.

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Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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