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Review of Armikrog. by mill

Stars - 20

Rating by mill posted on Oct 5, 2015 | edit | delete

Nice looking, but badly designed

This review is based on version 1.0.

Many puzzles are “hard” due to bad design of the game itself. What I mean is that often you don’t know what’s possible to interact with. Often you find out by accident and lots of “ooooh wtf I can do that?” moments. Can’t tell to much without spoiling it for new players.

Graphics are awesome, but video and sound is heavily compressed and very distorted at times.

It was a pretty fun but short game (5,5 hours). It has, as of writing this review, lots of bugs (missing menu buttons, misaligned subtitles, graphics glitches etc) which hopefully will be solved by the time it’s on sale. First then you should buy it.

Many puzzles appear more than once, not a fan of reusing puzzles over and over.

It seems like 95% of the budget and time was spent on modelling, which looks great, but that leaves very little left to the actual game. You may say that clay modelling is expensive, and yes you’re right, maybe they should have used 3D instead.

If you liked Neverhood, don’t get this. If you didn’t like Neverhood, don’t get this.

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Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Easy

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