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Review of Lost Horizon by Kelop

Stars - 35

Rating by Kelop posted on Jul 17, 2014 | edit | delete

Pleasant adventure

This is a competent adventure game without any actual flaws but with some space for improvement. The playing experience is actually pleasant, even for an inexperienced player as the puzzles are quite easy most of the time and, on the good side, most often make sense.

The story has a large traveling adventure thread and is reminiscent of the adventures of Indiana Jones in the way that it takes place before the Second World War and involves stopping the German Nazis form obtaining some super weapons. While well constructed, the story lacks some larger ambition that would make it deeper and more memorable. It serves it’s purpose while playing the game without providing anything beyond that. Just think of it as watching an Indiana Jones movie. The story is interesting, moves from one place in the world to another, has some plot twists but it’s all has been seen before. And there is nothing that would move the audience or incline them to really think about any aspects presented in the game.

The graphics are made in the old 2D style and look very well, possibly a bit simple, but simplicity is often better that unwarranted complexity. The music is good in the way that it’s unnoticeable and doesn’t hinder the gaming experience. At the same time it’s nothing memorable either.

Generally this game has a little of a casual type feel or a feel of a game for a beginner if you like. Combination of the easy and competent puzzles and the interesting but somewhat shallow story create that impression.

For those who like: action focused story, Indiana Jones movies
Not for those who like: deep story, challenging puzzles

Story: 3/5
Puzzles/mechanics: 3/5
Setting/climate: 4/5
Aesthetics: 4/5

PS. As a side note, some people have said that they think that a score of 3.5 is too low for this game while according to some, this game deserves a lower rating. How each person rates this game is a matter of opinion but I would like to point out that 3.5 is not a low score. According to this site’s scoring system it actually corresponds to 7 on a 10 grade scale. I would say it means it’s a good game but not very good or excellent. Read the score according to the grading scale.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Easy

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