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Review of So Blonde by Little Writer

Stars - 35

Rating by Little Writer posted on Jul 13, 2014 | edit | delete

Great old-school point and click game, though a bit tedious

The game crashed on me 12 hours in, so I had to do that last hour or so again, though this time in ten minutes max since now I already knew where to go and I fast-forwarded the dialogue. And I rushed through the ending as well since I’d been playing all day, it was way past dinner time, and I didn’t want to search through the entire island yet again to see what had changed so I cheated and looked up at least WHERE I was supposed to go, but I still saw what to do there on my own if that redeems me Wink

And that’s exactly the difficulty with the “So Blonde” adventure game: after every little progress you make, the characters might change location, new objects might show up, so you keep revisiting every place on the island trying to find what has changed where, and how you can interact with it so you can make the next step in your progress, only to do it all over again after that. It’s kinda tedious. Good thing it’s a fun game otherwise ...

I really enjoyed the voice-actors, loved the graphics though not so much the in-game movies. The mini-games were a fun reprieve from traipsing around the island all the time and the only one I didn’t like was catching the fireflies; that mouse work to move Sunny just annoyed me because it was so easy to move her too far, or not far enough.

I didn’t like the ending either, it just stops without knowing what happens to the island, or if Sunny gets back home or not. I did some research and there are multiple or bonus endings? Well I just didn’t get one, lol!

Total game time was about 18 hours I think.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours

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