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Rating by Doom posted on May 15, 2014 | edit | delete

Tex Murphy, good as new

What I expect from a good Tex Murphy adventure?

B-movie fun: Tesla Effect returns to the postapocalyptic world full of mutants and weirdos. Old and new, they greet you either with a cheesy joke or with a fist. The main hero - Tex Murphy - is a private dick and a dance instructor always surrounded by a noir atmosphere, beautiful women and filthy neighborhood. He may fail at sitting down his chair, yet somehow he always succeeds at saving the world. Your perfect mix of sci-fi, mystery, comedy and intentionally cliched plot - CHECK!

3D versus FMV: A whole new engine and a fairly functional 3D provides us with a solid real-time investigation, while Chris Jones, Richard Norton, June Lockhart, Todd Bridges and others provide us with hours and hours of quality video. Pleasantly interactive (at least for the most part), sometimes dangerously fatal surroundings require careful examination for clues, junk or hidden gags. Chris Jones is in a great shape, and his acting skills are better then ever. Not to mention the splendid work by special effect team - CHECK!

Puzzles are a mixed bag: Inventory puzzles are quite easy and straightforward. A number of object hunting activities where you search for tiny little objects between floor cracks and inside (hundreds of!) drawers might irritate some. But I found those fun and refreshing, if you don’t count that one time when I got seriously stuck and was sent to asylum for a couple of days. And, of course, there are puzzles of all sort, from memory and 8-puzzle to a number of original brainteasers. They can be often solved in a short period of time and never get frustrating. Still, we have a solid bag here - CHECK!

But skipping all further formalities, I have to say that I really enjoyed my time spent with Tex. It is everything Chris and Aaron promised to me, and I have very few issues with the game. Some puzzles could’ve been harder and less cliched, writing could’ve been wittier (like those deja vus from previous games - crack me up even now!). Also there seem to be not enough action in the last several chapters. Then again, there are multiple endings for your amusement. And did I mention how awesome is Chris as Tex? What can I say: 90s are back!

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Time Played: 10-20 hours

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