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Review of 1954: Alcatraz by Palemaze

Stars - 25

Rating by Palemaze posted on May 8, 2014 | edit | delete

Classic P&C in all its valour, but story is disaster

Just finished this game and I must say it was over a month of coming back and forth to it.

Story is just a simple disaster. It hits everything - black/white couples, gay merriages, sailors shagging in San Francisco parks, priests and prisons and link to mafia thread is too weak to play any role. The morale of characters in game is so low that it hurts to play them.

A black thug that is married to stereotype of a parisian girl. They get into not so controled situations that to go on you must kill people in a succker way.

And the entire game is about the not-so-bright easy girl with hiipie and gat friends is trying to help her black robber husband trying toi excape from Alcatraz.

And regardless how unfaithfull they have been to each other, how many unnecessary murders they commited during the game play fitful for capital punishemnt, at the end they discuss doubts in their relations. And entire game is about supposedly strong link between them.

At the end there is some idiotic typical girl talk - whether you save a thief and a murdered of certain death or you walk away, after doing so much for love and on a yacht that you stole keys from some bimbo that boyfiend gave her keys to.

There’s not even one thing romantic about it. To finish game , you could avoid just not to kill a guard.

The whole story is idiotic - you play whole game to rescue a proven bad guy from prison, and at the end you get offered a question to do it or not.

I said no at the end and thrown all my effort in playing this game where it belongs. And I still don’t feel right. Choices offred to progress are simply irrational and game forces you to do things you logically wouldn’t.

It’s a great P&C adventure game if you don’t care what is it all about. Bad story overshadows everything good in this game (graphics, mechanics, etc).

This game is a symbol of why funded studios make trash games with best appearance and others go Kickstarter to even try.

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Time Played: Over 20 hours

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