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Review of Syberia by MrChapeau

Stars - 15

Rating by MrChapeau posted on Mar 25, 2014 | edit | delete


In a word, that’s it. 

I did not like this game.  The world is full of nothing.  Unless there is a specific thing you have to do somewhere the each location has nothing in it.  It’s just a painting.  There’s nobody to talk to and the world does not exist off screen.

For such a large amount of work this must be the most inefficiently designed game ever made.

Beyond that, though, the characters were annoying and the whole game seemed like a trudge to something better at the next location, only it never got better.

There wasn’t even a proper pay-off at the end.

Meanwhile the gameplay did not come from satisfying puzzles (they were not) nor from interesting dialogue, but rather from the time-lengthening effect of incredibly dull running animations taking up 3/4 of the game.  If I hadn’t hoped for a better endgame then I wouldn’t have finished this at all.

No room for inductive reasoning, no player discovery, lots of linear handholding, and no intriguing world.  Any sense of intrigue is pummeled by pace-destroying backtracking. 

A complete waste of time.  Avoid.

Least favorite adventure game.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours

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