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Stars - 40

Rating by diego posted on Mar 7, 2014 | edit | delete

"Pushing" its way to a more than decent game

Can’t shake the feeling that BS3 is King’s Quest 8 to a lesser extent - it’s not a “fan favorite”, it’s got action crates elements, and it switched to 3D.

However, BS3 is quite a treat. Stick long enough with it, and you’ll be rewarded once again with a globe-trotting adventure, carefully written story and the usual George/Nico cooperation with a clever touches of humor. The game starts in the vein of a quality thriller films, and it doesn’t stop from there - ending with a controversial and a spectacular climax.

It’s not without its problems. For example, the interface needs some time to get the hang on, and even when you master it, you’ll still make occasional “unwanted” actions. Likewise, the story is quite complex and cleverly done, but by the end it feels as some of the aspects are kept “secret”, like the whole deal with the Voynich manuscript.

On the other hand, the dialogs are (minus couple of instances) neat and usually do not drag too much. As for the puzzles, the 3D gameworld and “unique” interface will get you stuck more than one time, where you’ll wonder not only “what to do”, but also “where to go” - some locations are huge, like the castle, or a deviously-confusing theatre underground.

And beside some boring sneaking, or a little too-comical side-characters (I knew Lobineau is a “jerk”, but they made him a real jerk in this one) and undeveloped bits (for example, the 3D had a potential for quite more of a Paris streets roaming), BS3 should stand as a prime example of “how not to spoil the classic by switching to 3D”

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Time Played: 10-20 hours

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