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Stars - 50

Rating by fauryn posted on Oct 20, 2013 | edit | delete

Great Adventure

The Good:
A very good adventure, one of the best I have ever played.
The story is about Gabriel Knight, a young writer and owner of a bookshop, who is going to write a book about some mysterious murders just happened in New Orleans. They seems connected to Voodoo and Gabriel needs to discover more, but he has also strange nightmares to face…
The plot is really involving, becoming more and more captivating with some dramatic turn of events.
The game is also very interesting because tells you a lot about the Voodoo culture and New Orleans: when you finish to play, you would like to see such places and to know more about these subjects.
Characters are really good, not only Gabriel Knight (that is easy to have a liking to him), but also his assistant, Grace Nakimura (a very clever woman), the Detective Mosley, friend of Gabriel, and all the others: even the minor characters have their own personality.
Gameplay is OK: easy to play, with puzzles well related to the story and with right difficulty.
Soundtrack is good too, with some very beautiful tracks, i.e. the intro theme.
In short, a really great adventure, with a perfect balance of all important elements, but especially good for plot and location.

The Bad:
I didn’t find weaknesses: the game is beautiful.
Maybe, it is too dispersive at the beginning (you have a lot of location and you don’t know what exactly to do - but only at first) and I do not appreciate the arcade sections (there are one or two of them). But these are really negligible weakness.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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