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Stars - 45

Rating by TimovieMan posted on Oct 4, 2013 | edit | delete

Still lots of fun!

Hilariously awesome game, and hearing Dominic Armato this time around is a great plus! It was nice to see some upgraded visuals, too, but to be honest, I must have pressed F10 at just about every screen (at least when no-one was speaking, otherwise I’d lose the voice-over - something they fixed for the sequel). There’s something charming about those dated visuals.
Insult sword-fighting was once again a blast (luckily I’d forgotten most of them) and the nonsense in this was just as fun as it was the first time around (Deadly Piranha Poodles and their “No animals were harmed”-disclaimer).

I’ve even taken the time to do something I failed to do all those years ago: have Guybrush drown! And apparently, I had missed a few good jokes by “going too fast”. Not only do you get an entire conversation between two guys who are going to ditch a sword right above your location - a sword you could use - only to have them reconsider, but the best joke comes when Guybrush dies (the only time he can die). Guybrush starts bobbing in the water, with a very unhealthy *green* skin colour.
The joke comes in the form of altered verbs: instead of Open / Close / Use / Pull / Push etc. you can now Bob / Float / Bloat / Rot / Stink and above all: Order Hintbook!
That nearly made me spray my drink…

Lots of fun was had once again!

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Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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