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Review of Memoria by gray pierce

Stars - 40

Rating by gray pierce posted on Sep 23, 2013 | edit | delete

Though not perfect still a huge improvement

Spent an entire weekend playing this game and I have to say I really, really liked it. It’s a darker more mature game than Chains of Satinav and at times very different in terms of mood and feel. And that unfortunately is also it’s weak point. Memoria is a very uneven game. So much in fact it almost feels like two different games. Sadja’s story is dark, emotional and very epic. Geron’s story on the other hand is more like an afterthought to Chains of Satinav. It lacks the substance or the excitement that Sadja’s tale has in abundance. It’s almost like the writers had made the bold but very good decision to make a game that was hugely different from Chains of Satinav in just about every respect but in the end thought that the change would be too great and constructed a slim framework to give it more it’s recognisable feel. So basically in my opinion the game is very much worth playing for Sadja’s story alone which is one of the best, most original stories I’ve ever come across in an adventure game. It’s rich, moving, filled with nuanced characterisation and occasionally takes you utterly by surprise. Geron’s story on the other hand is just dull, marked by poorly developed characters and a very thin storyline. The only redeeming bits about it are the wonderfully designed sixth chapter and the ending which is a great puzzle and a wonderful way to end the game. It’s especially wonderful because it sets things up for what I think will be a truly outstanding third installment. I really hope Kevin Mentz will be involved again as he has managed to change my views on this series from “disapointing but still fun” to “very good and very promising” It may not be the best game ever but Memoria is a wonderful game that I would defintiely recommend playing.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours

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