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Review of L.A. Noire by Skipjack

Stars - 15

Rating by Skipjack posted on Jul 19, 2013 | edit | delete


LA noire is an impressive game from a technical point of view. Lots of great names participated (many well known actors lent their faces and voices). The facial animation is amazing. The sound and music are great too. Technically, it is the best adventure game I have ever played. The textures are a but low res, which is probably due to its console heritage. That is about all the good I can say about this game though.
This has got to be one of the most frustrating games, I have ever played! It was clearly developed for consoles and not the PC. Driving a car through those action sequences with a keyboard was absolutely horrible. The whole cover movement mechanic was completely? broken. Half of the time the controls would not react. The adventure elements were too shallow and there was way to much emphasis on action.
The interviewing was just undoable without a solution. Lots of things had no way for the player to see the right solution. You had to guess (or look up a walkthrough). There are no puzzles at all.
Yes, you can skip the action sequences, but that does not really leave much of the game. The story was not my type of thing also. I ont understand how this ever got such a high rating.

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Time Played: Over 20 hours

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