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Review of Night of the Rabbit,The by PadanFain

Stars - 35

Rating by PadanFain posted on Jun 2, 2013 | edit | delete

Flimsy story and Too Much Puzzles

A big fan of Daedalic I am, and I always expect their games to have a cinematic, story-driven approach. However, this game takes the opposite route - puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles at the expense of good pacing. While puzzles are not a bad thing, there should be a limit. In this game, I never felt like I was progressing enough. Every puzzle I solve brings another puzzle instead of story progression.
The story itself is nothing special. There is no magical redeeming quality, no emotional connection to the characters and the world (since there are waay too many characters to properly flesh them out), and most of the story is told in exposition instead of us being the centre of the tale.
All of this makes for an OK game with some interesting tidbits here and there, but it never rises to the greatness of The Whispered World, Chains of Satinav, A New Begining or Deponia.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Hard

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