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Review of The Blackwell Convergence by Antrax

Stars - 25

Rating by Antrax posted on Dec 29, 2012 | edit | delete

Still glitchy, still short

The third installment in the Blackwell series returns to the characters from the first game. The game is more polished, featuring slightly better graphics and better music, but it suffers from the worst technical glitches so far. The game sometimes consistently crashed in various stages, forcing me to reload a previous save and trigger sequences in a different order to bypass this issue.

Game play is similar to the previous installments. The plot is slightly less rigidly structured, but the general type of puzzle is the same. The ability to combine notes is gone, which IMO is a shame as it was a nice mechanic that was poorly used, and the solution should’ve been to use it properly instead of ditching it altogether. You again have to type names into a search engine instead of being able to select them from your notes.

Other than that it’s same old, same old. The plot is not to everyone’s taste - I found the game breaking the rules it previous established to be a cop-out in an attempt to tie all the games together, but other people might care less about the lack of consistency and instead enjoy the “arch”, such as it may be.

Overall there is not much to add about this one beyond the previous two. At 1.5 hours (I have no clue how it could possibly take 10 hours, as some reviewers say - you could brute force the game in half that time) it’s slightly longer and I enjoyed playing it more than the previous two installments.

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Time Played: 1-2 hours
Difficulty: Very Easy

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