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Stars - 45

Rating by Adventure posted on Oct 2, 2012 | edit | delete

Still funny, still the best introduction to the genre

A classic no doubt, and for a lot of people a brilliant introduction to adventure games. They could have done much worse as this is solid, classic point and click with great graphics (notice I am not specifying: “for its time”) and the self-aware humor SoMI players loved at first sight in 1988.

It’s clever, it’s funny, and for a game you could fit on a few 1.4MB disks the MI universe you get to explore is more memorable than most of today’s 60-hour RPG epics.

Some decried the ending but this type of self aware, meta shenanigans had been a staple of the series from the start. Get a sense of humor, and if you already do, this is one adventure you won’t want to miss.

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Time Played: 5-10 hours

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