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Review of Culpa Innata by cheesebaker

Stars - 40

Rating by cheesebaker posted on Jun 23, 2012 | edit | delete

It would be a gem were it complete

I had not played this game initially because it got only 3.5 stars but now that I played it I think it deserves another half star.

I would not call the game non-linear - it is linear but one has a nice illusion of freedom. A story-based game either can have a good story or be non-linear. (The developers can spend money on alternative outcomes or on a single but more satisfying story.)

Puzzles were easy with one exception but I liked the way they worked.

The worst about the game is that of the two plot lines that it follows one is resolved at the end the other only gets more mysterious throughout the game. I took about 10 minutes to make a list of unanswered major questions and came up with 14 items. At the end of the game the story was just starting to take off.  Before the company went belly-up there apparently had been plans for a sequel but it would have been more honest to call this one Culpa Innata Part 1.

Once I had thought there could not be too much dialog in an adventure game. Also, some of the voice acting seemed really bad. Later in the game both either improved
or did not bother me anymore.

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Time Played: Over 20 hours

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