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Sol705 campaign

Review of Syberia II by Jaremaing

Stars - 45

Rating by Jaremaing posted on Jun 18, 2012 | edit | delete

A worthy sequel to the spellbinding original

This is less a sequel, but more a continuation of the story set up in the previous one. It resumes right after the fitting and touching cliffhanger from the original with a beautiful cutscene. After that, the game starts. While the rendered backdrops are more detailed than the previous game, the story leads our heroine into icy territories, severely cutting down the variety of exotic backgrounds found in the previous game. But the artists made snow look better than I’ve ever seen it in a video game.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but the story is well paced and and engrossing. The ending had me in tears; it was so beautiful. But then, I started crying for another reason: it ended. It seems to be common in adventure games to have an abrupt ending. Sure, it resolved the main story arc, but more happened in the game. It wasn’t only focused on one thing.
Hopefully a sequel comes out in my lifetime. I don’t even care if it’s point and click or not. I love games of all genres, and if it controls like Assassin’s Creed, that would be great. I just want it to get made. The world of Syberia is too beautiful to be restricted to two games.

Just about as good as the original, but the abrupt ending and a particularly abstract and needless complex puzzle near the end (dealing with a clock) knock of a half star. Great game!

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Time Played: 10-20 hours

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