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Stars - 40

Rating by emric posted on Jun 9, 2012 | edit | delete

utterly charming.

An utterly charming, expertly executed, delightful brainteaser-puzzle based adventure game. The artwork and character designs are gorgeous—very reminiscent of the french animated film ‘the triplets of belleville’.

i generally prefer adventure games to be heavy on plot and character development and lite on annoying puzzles that have a tendency to hold up the gameplay. with this game i was concerned that it might become tedious because the gameplay is so heavily geared towards brain-teaser puzzles that often don’t have any real relationship to the plot development. i was glad to discover that this never became a problem for me and i enjoyed the whole thing (for me, only 1 puzzle—i think it was #67—of the game’s 120+ fell into the category of annoying and unfairly ambiguous).

the animated sequences are great. the story, without being too epic, is suitably mysterious and charming. for what it is, this game is wonderfully implemented.

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Time Played: Over 20 hours

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