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Sol705 campaign

Review of Memento Mori by emric

Stars - 25

Rating by emric posted on Jun 3, 2012 | edit | delete

not awful, but still underwhelming, mediocre and stereotypical

Memento Mori seemed to generate some level of anticipation in the lead-up to its release, but after playing it, i think the hype is mostly unfounded. it does the traditional point & click style quite well with a perfectly adequate interface, pleasing visuals and cutscenes, decent character designs and nice music.

the voice acting is ok, but i found the strong european accents a bit jarring. puzzles are on the easy side. i never got stuck. the 3D locations are well implemented, but i much prefer it when adventure games utilise hand-painted 2D backgrounds.

the main problem is that for all but the last of 18 (!!) (short) acts, the gameplay and story are quite pedestrian and devoid of anything resembling its intention to be a gripping and mysterious religious conspiracy thriller. i never cared much for the generic plot or the plight of the characters, so when there was a late twist which threw an intelligent spin on proceedings, it didn’t have the impact it deserved.

oh and the frequent narrator’s interjections contain some of the most overacted melodramatic drivel that i’ve heard in a long time (wait, it’s actually not that long since i watched ‘the spirit’ Wink

i found memento mori to be just one more in the long list of mediocre and stereotypical adventure games.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours

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