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Review of The Moment of Silence by emric

Stars - 35

Rating by emric posted on Jun 3, 2012 | edit | delete

a strong, atmospheric title. some puzzling tedium may limit enjoyment for some

very strong story and atmospheric futuristic setting. earlier on it sometimes even reminded me of ‘stark’ from ‘the longest journey’. graphics were high quality and there was a great variety of locations (which was a surprise after playing house of tales’ other, more contained, adventure game ‘overclocked’).

it was also much longer than i was expecting which is usually a good thing. unfortunately the puzzles in the second half of the game just became far too tedious to the point where gameplay was just frustrating and not fun anymore. also the use of single voice actors for multiple roles was obvious and disappointing. but the quality of the voice acting itself was quite good.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours

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