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Review of Bugsnax by millenia

Stars - 45

Rating by millenia posted on Jul 21, 2022 | edit | delete

Charming and Funny

Bugsnax is a bit of an oddball title, but it’s very charming and I warmly recommend it to anyone willing to give it a shot.

The gameplay consists of catching these strange creatures and completing simple quests for the townsfolk. While one might think Bugsnax is Pokémon, in the end there’s really not much in common. There are no bugsnax battles or training and the catching is done with puzzles. The world is rather open, though initially new areas need to be unlocked by completing tasks.

The game isn’t too difficult. Some of the little buggers are a bit hard to catch, and might require some timing and/or aiming, but there are no limits to tries. There are also a few “boss battle” type of encounters, but most of them are not even required to finish the game.

The story is pretty light, but there definitely is one, and like the world of Bugsnax itself, it is pretty charming and funny.

The bugsnax themselves create most of the fun though, some of them are outright hilarious. Like pokémons, they repeat their name in many different tones, and the soundtrack is amazing.

The whole concept of these cute little creatures that the more humanoid creatures literally snack on, is incredibly silly - and also disturbing - and still the game is cozy and fun.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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