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Review of Day of the Tentacle by Lucien21

Stars - 50

Rating by Lucien21 posted on May 27, 2012 | edit | delete

More fun than a jumpsuit full of weasels

A travesty that this game wasn’t in the top 5 of the Adventure Gamers Top 100 adventure games of all time.

IMO it is by far the best adventure game ever and “More fun than a jumpsuit full of weasels”.

It has a unique premise that works so well that it’s amazing that nobody has tried to emulate it over the years. Set in three distinct time periods and controlling three different characters it very early on sets out the rules for interactions.

Small inanimate items can be passed from character to character either directly or through the passage of time to solve some ingenious 4th dimensional puzzling.

The time frame setting really brings out the depth of creativity in the puzzles. You are constantly trying to think where and in what time frame are the items relevant.

It’s a brightly coloured world with a skewed art style that is perfect for the host of hilarious and kooky characters in the game. Including some great US historical figures and Mr Ed

Overall it’s a game that tickled the funny bone like no game before it or since, stretches the brain matter with some lateral thinking and has some of the funniest sound effects in video gaming.

Adventure gaming Nirvana.

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Time Played: 5-10 hours

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