Portal 2 User Review

Rating by Lucien21 posted on May 27, 2012 | edit | delete


Portal 2 takes the premise of being trapped in a facility with a insane AI called GlaDOS and fleshes out the characters and back history of Aperture Science testing.

This time you have a few new companions along the way from the hilarious Wheatly to Cave Johnson in the old historical parts of the facility.

There is a lot more variety in the puzzles with new element like Gels and light bridges etc to be used to solve puzzles.

The 2nd Playthrough has the same issues as replaying most adventure games. Once you know how the puzzles are solved it is pretty easy to breeze through the game reasonably fast.

So sans difficulty what are you left with….

3 Fantastic characters in Glados, Wheatly and Cave Johnson.
A hilarious script
The puzzles are still fun.
A bonkers mad ending ......

A superb game.

Time Played: 5-10 hours

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