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Review of Twin Mirror by shanethewolf

Stars - 20

Rating by shanethewolf posted on Jan 9, 2021 | edit | delete

I just wanted to abandon the plot and leave town

Being a big fan of the Life is Strange series I was very excited for this game. It managed to capture my interest early on, but as it went on I found myself disengaging with the plot and the characters.

I realised, I actually disliked all but two of the characters I was meant to be helping. I was hoping the in game choices would allow me to turn against them. In particular, I wanted to ruin the life of Anna who had ditched me for my best friend, but instead I was forced to comfort her and run her errands like a pathetic lap dog.

I cared so little about the town and everyone there I would have gladly got in my car, returned home and ended the game early if it had been an option.

What’s more, there’s a glaring mystery that’s never explained. You’re constantly having conversations with your twin, who appears as an apparition and usually offers redundant advice. You also have some kind of mind palace (or whatever they call it), but none of these superpowers are ever explained. It’s like the developers threw it into the game to try and make it less mundane, despite having the opposite effect.

Personally, I like the graphic style and the environments are very atmospheric, but the character models appear quite odd, even creepy…especially when they start talking. 

While the writing was the greatest strength of Life is Strange, it’s the most abysmal aspect of Twin Mirror.

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Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Very Easy

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