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Review of Nine Witches: Family Disruption by player_lst

Stars - 5

Rating by player_lst posted on Dec 12, 2020 | edit | delete


“Nine Witches” is disgusting: toilet humor and Nazis - two in one. For lack of better ideas, developers joke about physiology, but the bad taste is doubly so - to combine this with the theme of the Second World War. However, developers were reinsured: offscreen laughter and frequent remarks “Ha ha!” will tell players where to smile.

Any interesting puzzles? Nope. The search for coins throughout the district is not far from pixel hunting. You can control two characters - in theory, it has potential for interesting puzzles for cooperation, but game does not develop it to the fullest; all astral actions of Professor Krakowitz are monotonous. You also have to, for example, collect the urine of a drunken Nazi in order to wake up a naked woman with its smell. The highlight of the program: counting chicken paws in a bloody “pile of small” to figure out that not all hens were dismembered, but some ran away.

Developers promise an original story (quote: “99.9999% guaranteed”). Well, let’s see: zombie mutants, the occult plans of Nazis, astral exits from the body, breaking the 4th wall - yeah, it’s unusually fresh.

Instead of music, there are monotonous howls. Instead of dialogues - insipid porridge. The only good thing in this game, imho, is graphics.

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Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

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