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Stars - 45

Rating by Khan4 posted on Oct 26, 2019 | edit | delete

No technical issues can prevent it to be one of the best in the series

Long story short, the game has strong issues on the technical and realization sides, but the story is great, the puzzles are back in great shape, the length is not robbing you, and it’s just the next best one in the series after 1 and 5.

At the beginning of the game you might feel tempted to skip it totally, as it introduces itself in the worst way possible :
In the first minutes you end up pushing a crate, believing that downfall from the third one is back.
Gamepad control is gone, and don’t mind using the four arrows unless forced to when the mouse pointing can’t get you where you want. Because also, pathfinding is not good and you’ll fight for climbing your first ladder, devoided of action symbol. Hotspots are often too small too.
All of this is encountered in the first part of the game.

But push on a little and the gem will reveal itself.
There’s almost no crate pushing anymore, and you get a lot of actual puzzles instead, some of which will make you scratch your head seriously and are of the best ones in the whole series, while totally part of the story. A great story which connects with the first one and goes way further than expected, Broken Sword style.

Bad camera, hands with invisble objects in it and some painful movement can’t hinder that to me, even the abrupt ending which made me wonder if there was a bug can’t.

It was the longest one in the series for me with 18h playtime. It seems they wanted to put more than they could chew in it, so they spent their energy on what really matters : story and puzzles, leaving the rest a bit unfinished. But the core is great and that’s what counts, that’s what we play Broken Sword for.

Fans of the series will see the true value of this game.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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