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Review of ASA: A Space Adventure by Stevens R. Miller

Stars - 20

Rating by Stevens R. Miller posted on Sep 12, 2019 | edit | delete

Good try, but not good enough.

Impressive attempt to do a science-fiction “Myst” game, but it just doesn’t work. Navigation is awkward and slow. Looong diary entries are dreary and slow to get through (actor actually seems to be reading them in a deliberately slow paced voice), and they don’t really help. Puzzles were uneven and, in some cases, seemed to be operating at random (they probably weren’t, but there is a reasonable assumption in games like these that, when the problem is to line things up a certain way, you can rely upon basic interactions to work for you, but they don’t in this game).

All in all, a valiant, but failed, effort.

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Time Played: 2-5 hours

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