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Review of Black Mirror II by emric

Stars - 45

Rating by emric posted on May 22, 2012 | edit | delete

very impressive and engrossing sequel. a definite favourite!

this is pretty much the perfect sequel to 2003’s “Black Mirror”. It doesn’t really put a foot wrong anywhere. While I enjoyed the original game a lot, it certainly had some issues. In the sequel, these issues have all been identified and corrected. It takes place 12 years later and the new lead character is much more likeable. the voice acting is high quality. the control system is probably the best i’ve come across in an adventure game. it retains the feel of the original but loses the annoying quirks. the added functionality of the scroll wheel was particularly appreciated (i hope all adventure game developers take notice of this). The game begins in America before switching midway to the familiar Willow Creek locale in England. One of the most enjoyable things about this sequel was exploring these same locations in a very different context—similar to ‘dreamfall’ after ‘the longest journey’. the story is a fantastic extension. i was expecting this game to feel a little odd, because it was made by a completely different developer, but they’ve expertly matched the exact black mirror dark mystery deal perfectly, making it a very seamless experience. in all technical areas the game is top-notch too. and the reason this surprised me is that the only other game i’ve played by the new developer, cranberry productions, is last year’s “Mata Hari” which i categorise as ‘awful’. they’ve completely raised the bar with this effort, so yay for them. and they’re currently working on ‘black mirror 3: the final chapter’, so i’m looking forward to that heaps.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours

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