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Ratings by rhediamond


Stars - 50

Rating by rhediamond posted on Oct 1, 2013 | edit | delete


A few minutes into the game, I was already screaming and yelping. My husband screamed too. He got scared of my screams, as I was wearing my headphones and did not realized how loud my screams were. He told me to quit playing because he was trying to get some sleep, but alas! I could not put it down. Well… not yet. There were times when I just wanted to give up and not play it anymore. The jump scares and chases were frequent. I had to take some breaks as my heart cannot handle it anymore. Smile

The graphics is awesome! The sound and voice talent were good too. The story was pretty good. The notes you pick up just make you want to finish the game so you can find out what really happened at the Asylum.

I played it with a controller. I am grateful for this. I use a controller if I am not playing a shooter game. I like that all I have to do is plug in my Xbox controller and it is ready to use.

This game reminds me of playing Haunting Ground. You can just Run, Hide or Die. This is what makes it so scary to play.

If you do not like cheap scares and prefer the more visceral creepy games, then maybe this is not for you. I am a fan of both Resident Evil and Silent Hill games.

I enjoyed playing Outlast. Play it if you dare! Smile

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Time Played: 5-10 hours
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