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Woodsalt to spread on Windows and Mac later this month

While the thought of world-ending cataclysm may have some looking to the stars for possible salvation, what would happen when the time finally came to return back home if such an escape occurred? This is the question posed by the upcoming indie British adventure, Woodsalt

It's been an entire millennium since mankind was forced to evacuate Earth during "chaotic natural disasters and an attack by giant creatures," eventually settling on the planet of Nu-Terra. Players control Emcy, a man born long ago on Earth but frozen in cryostasis until now. You awaken to find yourself in a "new city in a bubble," where the populace continue to "wait for a signal to return back home." But not everyone is eager to uproot, and as "civil unrest grows in the city with a conspiracy to keep humanity from leaving," Emcy himself finds himself "plagued by visions and messages from an unknown voice that nobody else can see or hear."

Presented in a charming third-person 3D art style, Woodsalt gives players free roam through a city inhabited by chibi-like characters. Here you will "guide Emcy though conversation trees" as you attempt to "discover the secrets behind what happened on Earth, what lead to their arrival on this new planet, and the mystery of the strange watcher who has an unknown but keen interest in Emcy and his journey." Along with the main storyline, there will be "numerous side-plots" to explore, each with their own branching narrative points that can "affect the main plot" and unluck "hidden secret endings." 

If you're up for a little off-world conspiracy busting, the final countdown has begun, as Woodsalt is scheduled to be launched on Steam for Windows and Mac on January 26th, with a Nintendo Switch version to follow later on.

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