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Where Wind Becomes Quiet breezes onto Steam

Many games star amnesiac protagonists as a storytelling device, but far fewer actually deal with memory loss as a legitimate mental health issue. Mike T.'s Where Wind Becomes Quiet is one of the latter, and is already here on PC. 

While story details are necessarily vague, the game stars a "gravely ill writer suffering from memory loss," who awakens in an abandoned mining town he no longer remembers or even recognizes. As he begins to explore, however, he starts to encounter "bright flashes" that gradually reveal his connection to this place. It seems that a "mystic power is tracking him," and its presence causes the protagonist to feel less alone. Slowly but surely, answers begin to form for the most important questions of all: "Who are you and why are you here?" 

Presented in crisply rendered, free-roaming 3D, Where Wind Becomes Quiet takes place entirely within the remote settlement that clearly flourished once but has long since been left worn and decrepit and "withering over time." You must seek out the "stories hiding under the cloak of time" here, along the way solving "uncommon puzzles ... based on natural cognitive human patterns."

Arriving with little prelaunch fanfare, Where Wind Becomes Quiet is available now on Steam for Windows PC.

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