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We Were Here Forever to arrive later this year

While many of us are looking forward to leaving the cold of winter behind, we'll gladly begin looking ahead to the next Antarctic co-op puzzle excursion from Total Mayhem Games, this one entitled We Were Here Forever

As with its three predecessors, the new game sends players in pairs to the frozen climes of Castle Rock, where you'll become separated and must communicate with each other via in-game walkie-talkies in order to cooperatively overcome the "asymmetric puzzles" in your path. Each partner will explore different areas on their own but communicate regularly with the other to share clues and details the other lacks. Only by talking continually with your counterpart can you hope to "figure out exactly what information they have and how it might lead to a solution." Along the way, together you will learn more about this remote castle and hopefully "find a way out of the King's Keep," all the while aware that "something is watching you from the dark."

While the setting and premise share much in common with the earlier games in the series, We Were Here Forever will "take you and your friend to previously unexplored areas of Castle Rock" and its immediate outdoor environs, including a "ghostly graveyard." The developer's goal this time is to create a "more immersive, darker, livelier Castle Rock" than ever before. Of course there will be all-new puzzles to solve in a game that promises to be the largest We Were Here installment yet, offering "a next level experience, from interface to gameplay, with an even more intriguing, thrilling story" that may finally shed some new light on "the mystery of Castle Rock [and] what happened to those explorers who got left behind."

While no firm release date has yet been announced, We Were Here Forever is due to launch on Steam for PC later this year, along with console versions on the PlayStation and Microsoft Stores for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, respectively.

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