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Vagabond Starship on course for 2021 arrival

Rutabagas may sound like the perfect clean and renewable fuel source, but there's just one problem when you're in outer space: they can be awfully hard to come by. Finding more will be the next zany task for Sir Typhil and his ragtag band of misfits in Vagabond Starship, the next game from indie developer Stand Off Software.

Telling an all-new story but continuing on from where Alien Function left off, this game sees players attempting to head home to Artovya aboard the starship Spearhead to "deliver a unicorn to the king." However, following a "harrowing battle with space pirates," the vessel's rutabaga supply becomes severely depleted. And so "Sir Typhil of Creulor and his fearless crew of elves, dwarves, aliens, and robots set out on a search across various unknown worlds, meeting zealots, rogues, reporters, and more as they seek out the ever-elusive rutabaga."

As with its predecessors (including the three purely fantasy adventures Unicorn Dungeon, Poltergeist Treasure, and Leprechaun Shadow before the series moved into space), Vagabond Starship is a fully voiced, largely traditional third-person point-and-click comedy adventure with a few added wrinkles to freshen things up. As you travel to three different planets, you can choose which of the five crew members you wish to join you in your landing party. The decision is more than just cosmetic, as it "changes your experience at each location and the puzzle solutions there." As well as solving the usual sorts of puzzles in your travels, you'll also need to contend with some action elements in the form of retro arcade games. 

There is no firm release date scheduled just yet, but Vagabond Starship is due to land on Steam sometime later this year for Windows and Linux, giving you more than enough time to get caught up on the earlier games (if you aren't already) while you wait.

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