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Unreal Life really lives on Windows, Mac and Switch

Certain objects of importance to us are often able to trigger memories upon sight, but what if those objects actually possessed memories of their own that could be tapped into? This is the premise behind indie developer hako life's newly released Unreal Life.

Players control a young girl who goes by the name of Hal, though really the only name she can remember is someone she's looking for: Miss Sakura. Fortunately for Hal, she has the ability to "read the memories" of whatever she touches. Now, on a "dark, lonely night" in a town she no longer recognizes, Hal must use this gift to "compare memories of the past with the present" in order to solve the mystery of her amnesia and find her lost teacher. Along the way, she is aided by a most unlikely source: a talking "high-performance AI traffic light" named 195 who is able to communicate "directly with the girl through her brain."

The "strange city" setting of Unreal Life is presented in a low-resolution pixel art style with a richly atmospheric, predominantly blue colour palette. As Hal touches any object whose memories she can read, a circle will radiate around it depicting the scene as it's remembered. This allows players to look for changes that will serve as clues to solving puzzles and unlocking the young protagonist's own memories. 

Originally released as a Japanese exclusive earlier this year, Unreal Life is now available in English – as well as Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), French, German, Italian, Korean, and Spanish – on Steam for Windows and Mac, and the Nintendo eShop for Switch. 

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