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Unfolded: Camellia’s Tales fully revealed on Steam

One of the benefits of adventure games is how many different cultures they expose us to. Indie developer COSDOTS' newly released Unfolded: Camellia's Tales takes us to another rarely explored setting – this time an island in South Korea, at a time of growing unrest and great upheaval just before the outbreak of war.

It's 1948, and an "aspiring young poet" named Herman becomes a scout for the local resistance, watching for soldiers to begin appearing on Jeju Island. Teen years are turbulent at the best of times, but far more so for the young protagonist, whose coming-of-age story involves "a massacre" on the peaceful island he calls home, and all he can do is try to keep his family and friends "safe from the oncoming storm." Or is it? Perhaps some beauty and even humour can be found in tragedy, as Herman will write poetry and draw sketches as he continues to uncover more about "the tragic history of the island."

Drawn by hand with a muted colour palette, Unfolded is a traditional point-and-click adventure that sees players exploring the "beautiful wilderness of Jeju Island." Along the way you will learn about local folklore and collect any useful objects you find to combine and use to solve puzzles "rooted in Jeju folklore and history." You'll also meet and chat with a variety of fellow islanders, including those who are hiding in a cave and in need of your assistance to survive. 

The best news of all is that the game is already upon us, as Unfolded: Camellia's Tales is available now on Steam for Windows and Mac, along with a (Windows-only)  playable prologue for those who'd like to try before they buy. 

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