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Ultreïa shuffling its way toward June release

Questioning the meaning of life is a very human occupation, but that doesn't mean we're the only ones pondering such deep philosophical issues. Case in point: the little mechanical protagonist of indie developer Greewook Studio's upcoming point-and-click sci-fi adventure, Ultreïa.

Players assume the role of Nymo, a small sentient robot who has recently suffered the loss of a friend and is now consumed with the desire to "find the meaning of life and death." And so he sets out on a grand pilgrimage to locate someone named Cheyenne, conversing with other robots, solving puzzles, and playing card games along the way. 

Presented in a lovely third-person (third-machine?) perspective, Ultreïa sends players into "caves filled with huge creatures living in the darkness," through the "large and phantasmagoric city of Mont St-Troy," and ultimately into space "and beyond." Across more than 100 locations, there are over 40 characters to interact with, each robot having "their own unique language, according to their functions and personality." In your travels you'll not only need to look for puzzle clues and inventory items, but playing cards to add to your deck so you'll be prepared for the many minigame challenges posed by those  you meet.

There is no firm release date for Ultreïa just yet, but if all goes well we should see the game launching on Steam for Windows PC sometime this June. In the meantime, you can get a first taste of what to expect through the downloadable demo already available.

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