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TOEM being developed for summer release

It's not too early to start making vacation plans for this summer. Who knows where the pandemic will be at then, though, so it's probably best to spend most of it virtually, like in indie developer Something We Made's upcoming adventure, TOEM

The game stars a hooded young amateur photographer who has decided to "journey through Scandinavian-inspired landscapes with the goal to see the magical phenomenon TOEM." At each stop along your bus ride, you'll encounter "different regions with distinct architecture and sights to behold," which you'll want to capture for posterity in your photo album with your trusty camera. You can't just sightsee, however, as the various characters you meet all have small problems of one kind or another, and only by helping them solve them can you hope to gain enough stamps to continue on your way. 

TOEM is described as a "wholesome" third-person isometric adventure presented entirely in black and white. Designed to be a calming experience with soothing background music, the game's focus is less on puzzles or even a central story and instead encourages players to "stop and smell the flowers." It's a vacation, after all, so you can take your time, talk to the inhabitants of each new community you visit, collect items, and eventually you will be ready to "climb the highest peak and experience the phenomenon TOEM."

There is no firm target release date for this game just yet, but TOEM is currently on track to be launched on Steam sometime in the third quarter of 2021 for Windows and Mac.

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