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TIERRA unearthed on PC and mobile devices

Indie developer M9 Games continues its torrid pace of new adventure releases, with the latest now available in the form of TIERRA on PC and mobile devices. 

There's no slowing down for players as the unseen protagonist, either. Following your "recent adventure to the island of Ayuda and the discovery of the mystery treasure, the hiking and puzzle solving had taken its toll." You decide – quite wrongly, as it turns out – that a leisurely walk through the local woods would be a nice way to relax. Once underway, however, your curiosity is aroused by stumbling upon "mysterious buildings and puzzling locations not listed on the map" of the area you downloaded earlier. Needless to say, "your inquisitive nature kicks in and you decide to investigate further to see where these strange pathways lead and what secrets the mystery buildings may hold."

As with the developer's other recent spate of adventures (including MISTICO and the Mystery of Camp Enigma series), this game is a classic slideshow-style point-and-click adventure that tasks players with thoroughly exploring its scenic environments, collecting and combining inventory items along the way. Though each challenge promises to have a "logical solution" with no time pressure, it will take "all of your puzzle-solving skills to put together a plan to make your way through the woods ... and down the many paths towards the secrets of TIERRA."

You can get started playing TIERRA right away, either on Windows PC or mobile devices, as the game is available now on itch.io, the App Store and Google Play.

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