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This Rain Will Never End to get started in 2022

If there’s one thing cats are known for – besides their innate ability to sense impending productivity and then nap in the place most likely to derail said productivity – it’s their insatiable curiosity. The latter trait will be on full display in indie developer Marginal act’s upcoming anthropomorphic animal mystery, This rain will never end.

Federal detective (and cat) Piper Bender has been called to No Name City to investigate the murder of Mayor Joes Walker, who was found dead just hours after a dinner with five of the city’s most prominent and important citizens. Her only lead is a note found in the mayor’s hand, reading “This rain will never end…..”  And indeed, in the month since his death, it’s been pouring nonstop.

A gritty noir adventure presented largely in black-and-white pixel art with splashes of color, This rain will never end puts players in the shoes of Bender as she tours the rain-soaked unnamed city looking for answers. There you will be challenged to examine evidence, like DNA samples and fingerprints, while interrogating and keeping tabs on the five prime suspects who were the last to see the mayor alive. To aid in your investigation, a corkboard allows you to connect clues and coordinate evidence in an attempt to identify motive and murder weapon for each potential culprit.

This rain will never end isn’t currently scheduled to launch for Windows PC until the third quarter of 2022, but those keen to follow this retro animal mystery can already wishlist the game on its Steam page.

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