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Sol705 campaign

The Unbeatable Path leads through Kickstarter

Suicide is not only a tragedy on a very tangible, physical level for the victim and those closest to them, it's not very healthy for the state of one's soul according to certain religious beliefs. To that end, you'll need to confront the karmic repercussions of taking your own life in indie developer Reckless Games' upcoming horror adventure The Unbeaten Path – at least, you will if enough dues are paid in the game's ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

Players assume the role of Mia, the mother of three children but married to a nasty man who "treats her very badly." Finally she snaps under all the abuse and kills herself, only to awaken in her "own hell." Now she must venture through "dark dismal places" in order to face her demons, which "reflect [the] bad things she did during her lifetime." As you progress, you will "unveil the story of Mia bit by bit to finally find out how she came to the point of committing suicide," but your input is also crucial to her journey. Through your decisions made along the way, "it is up to you to make things better this time." By making the right choices, you might even be able to "find a path out of hell." Make the wrong ones, however, and you'll be "damned to stay there forever."

Presented in free-roaming, first-person 3D, The Unbeaten Path features a photorealistic visual style – or as realistic as a surreal descent to the hellish afterlife can look, anyway. Each stage in this "harsh environment" contains a central puzzle that must be solved in order to continue, the difficulty of which will only increase the further you progress. Equally important are the decisions required of you, as each "good and bad" action you take will affect your karma. This not only impacts the ultimate ending you get, but also causes branching paths depending on your current karma levels, as certain options and areas will be available to you only if your karma is high enough. Continually choosing what is right promises to "be very difficult but should always be your goal because you will only survive your trip to hell with a good soul."

If you'd like to raise your own karmic rating a little, and end up with a game to play because of it, you can pitch in to support the Kickstarter campaign that is seeking to raise €60,000 by July 29th. If all goes well, we could see The Unbeatable Path debut on Steam Early Access in June 2022, with the completed version expected before the end of that year. If seeing is believing, you can check out a portion of the game for yourself right away through the downlodable demo available. 

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